Products made in the UK: Why do they have such high standards?

People who purchase cosmetic products made in the United Kingdom are under European Union regulations, therefore, they are guaranteed to have high-quality safety goods.

The reason is that all the manufacturers in the European Union have to follow high and strict requirements in order to formulate and sell a new cosmetic on the market.

The law regulating these requirements is Regulation (EC) N° 1223/2009 and all European Union countries must fulfill it.

It is established that ingredients can not be used in the composition of cosmetics since it's been shown to be harmful. This regulation also establishes the concentration of other cosmetic ingredients to ensure its appropriate use.

In addition, it establishes regulations for labeling, documentation and other requirements to follow in order to establish a product on the market. One of them is a ban on animal testing, a practice not allowed since 2013.

All the countries of the European Union follow these quality standards. Thus, as a result, all cosmetics products have a guarantee that is safe, secure and approbated high-quality goods.