About Ms Rosa

Makeup has endless positive advantages. For me, putting makeup on represents more than feeling good and confident with myself. As a TV financial news anchor, for years my routine consisted of putting on heavy makeup in the morning, carefully matching the colours with my chosen outfit for that day since.
Time passed without realizing that stress and pollution were badly affecting my skin. 
I noticed that I spent many hours with my heavy makeup on and this caused my skin to begin to appear certain problems. My skin was brightless, lifeless and quite dry. It was then when I thought I should inform myself about which products could help me establish back the balance and elasticity that made look my skin youth.
That was the beginning of Ms Rosa. A great selection of high-quality skincare products focused on the radiance, hydration, health and youth of the skin.
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Our products contain luxury ingredients to take maximum care of your skin. Hence, we are refraining from harsh chemicals that are damaging to your skin and harmful to our planet. Also, to make this possible, the best ingredients are chosen from nature and formulated wisely to achieve excellent results.  Your skin will be free from irritation, dryness and itchiness. The final result is that your skin barrier will be strengthened, showing a more radiant, younger and healthier skin.

We are proud to say that our collection, manufactured in the United Kingdom, follows the high standards of the European Union. We are all vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.
We select products from the world, bringing joy and happiness into your memories. At this moment, the warmth from Nepal and Outer of Hebrides of Scotland, handwoven giving you the personality. Let each unique piece tell the story behind. Share with your loved one, and beloved with the touch.